Casino Gambling Lives On

Casino is derived from Italian word which means “house of games”. The origin of Casinos cannot be found in history. But there have been betting games that had been happening around the world in various cultures. You can see betting in roman amphitheaters, which were very famous and considered very prestigious. Probably, these led to casinos, where you can bet on your luck in various games.



The casino industry is called as gaming industry. Gambling is betting money on certain games. You may win or lose; mostly in the casinos people lose money. There are lots of games available in the casinos. Most famous, being the slot machines. The Casino is otherwise referred as “the house” by the players. The house gets the money that is lost in gambling by the players. Also in most cases there is an entry fee to the casinos to be paid by the players.

When a player wins some money, he cannot take home all the money, a percentage is to be paid to “the house” as commission. Find out more


With the amount of money involved in the gaming industry, there should be up to date security installed in the casinos. The money tempts both the players and also the people working in the casinos equally.

There are cameras installed all around the place with special security people watching the close circuit televisions alone. There would also be security guards all over the place, who help you in case of any dispute or trouble. Additional cameras are also installed in the gaming tables itself. In card games, people are asked to keep their hands on table while playing, so that no cheating can take place. In spite of all these security measures, many cheating instances have been happening till now in all casinos.


Security measures should be up to date in case of places like casinos, which deal with huge amount of money. Surveillance of casinos should be made better using latest technologies. Some casinos have started using the latest technologies, while others are yet to use them.

Some latest technologies used in casinos are:


License plate readers

When the cars enter into the casinos, the license plate is taken a photo. It is then converted using special optical recognition software and compared with the numbers of the persons who are in the database for people marked as undesirable. If a match is found, then the car is stopped and sent back.But this method can also be fooled by taking a cab or a friend’s car.


Face recognition

This will be next level of security. As a person enters into the casino, a picture is taken and compared with the faces in the database of people causing trouble. If a match is found, then the security persons will be alerted to take action. This seems to be a good system, but it is yet to be used by any casino.


Angel eye technology

This is for persons dealing with cards. Sometimes the players switch cards while playing and cheat a win. In this case, a barcode will be printed in the back of cards with invisible ink. Right from the time, when the players take the cards to play, the computer is sent information. When the players finish all the cards on the table will be scanned and sent to computer to detect if any fraud has been happening.


RFID Technology

This one is used in the chips. Radio Frequency chips will be imbedded in the casino coins. The chips will have unique codes assigned in them. The RFID machine reads the codes in the chips before they can be encashed as money. This method is used by many casinos in Las Vegas lately.Even with all these latest technologies, it is hard to stop the cheating and thefts happening in the casinos. These technologies only help to stop or prevent the thieves coming as players. Though how far these can be used to prevent cheating is yet to be found out. There are also people inside the casinos who are tempted by the money and take them. Preventing that is also very hard.


The crime rate is increasing everywhere. Casinos are one of the reasons. There are people, who claim to have done the theft for money to play in the casinos. The workers who work in casinos are also affected psychologically. They are surrounded by money that is not theirs. On seeing the amount of money dealt with daily, they are affected as they would not be able to afford so much. Even those who are good would be tempted by the money they deal with daily.

Social problems


Setting aside all these things about the casinos, there are people who claim that the casinos should not be opened as they cause social problems. There are people from all around the world who want to close the casinos. They claim that the money spent in the casinos for the machines, marketing, players, security, etc. can be used for the betterment of the society. There are people who are living without proper food, children dying around the world without proper food and nutrition, all these can be prevented by using the money spent for the casinos for this.People are opposing opening of new casinos. As there is lot of money involved, it paves way for cheating.


Also in many casinos the mafia re also said to be involved because of the amount of money. Many people become addictive to casinos and spend larger part of their earning in that. It causes problems in the family. All these can be solved by closing the casinos. The social workers around the world prefer that at least new casinos should not be opened. The casinos encourage drinking also, by which also they earn some money.The revenue from the casino is a minimum of 1 billion. But the amount of money that is spent by the casinos is unthinkable and unaccountable. It would be a better world, if all that money is spent for educating young children and other projects for the betterment of society.